Dell XPS 13 Features and Price in India

Introduction Dell XPS 13

If you are looking for a premium laptop then Dell XPS 13 is here for you. Dell XPS 13 is launched in
market with a solution of biggest issue of its last XPS 13 model. They replaced its weird nose-cam
placement and also give a boost to its battery.

This laptop has 13.3 inches screen with less borders. Dell improved its display to enjoy amazing screen
which has 23% thinner InfinityEdge border with 80.7% screen to body ratio. You can see every single
detail with 4k Ultra HD resolution.

Look and Design

In its first look its look like its old version but its solve the one of the biggest issue of the dell laptop
which is is nose-cam. With this fix now the web cam is again back to its inherited position. Dell spent
two years in the development of its 2.25 mm webcam. It size is small enough which fit on its thin display
and it is using 720p widescreen sensor including 4 microphones which allow you to activate VA like
Alexa or Cornata from far distance.

This laptop is 11.6mm slim and its weight is 1.23 kg. It Lid and base has anodized aluminum screen
which is combined with woven carbon fiber keyboard. Dell XPS 13 is using single cut block of aluminum
which make its more durable than any other laptop which combined together with multiple pieces
Its screen is combined with superior 400-nit brightness which let you enjoy outdoor also. You can share
your screen without missing anything due to Its IPS panel which provide you wider viewing angle.


If we talk about its performance this laptop have 8th Gen intel Quad core processors which increase its
performance. You can run multiple application in this laptop without any performance issue. Dell
enginner develop Dell power manager which can allow you to select power mode which dynamically
delivers power to the processor during monitoring and managing system temperature.

You will get 512 GB PCIe storage drive and with this help of this you can boot and resumes your system
in seconds. With its FDH battery life you can use this laptop upto 19 hours while using word or excel.

its ports remains same as the old model. It has two thunderbold 3 (USB-C) ports, one USB-C 3.1 port ,
one slot for micro sd card and 3.5mm headphone jack. Apart from this dell improved its hinge, in
previous version hinge required two hands to open but now the new hinge is called Variable Torque
Hinge which required less effort. You can just open it with only one finger.


Dell improve this laptop at every possible point. One of the gaint issue was its nose-cam which is
resolved by dell and now it is on the right position. Its battery life is upto 19 hours while you are using
word or excel. Dell XPS have competition with other laptops but this laptop is still among the best laptop
in the market .Right now this laptop is available on amazon at the price of 1,05,448 INR. You can click
here to know the offers and discount available for this laptop on amazon.

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