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Domains are the identity of your online business. Its represent you and your business. There are few things that you need to take care during buying the domain. In this article we are going to discuss all about domain.

What is domain?

If you already know what is domain that’s great! If you don’t know then I will help you to enlighten about domains. Domain is one type of your address in internet world. When you type a domain name in browser address bar, its open a website for example  is domain name for current website which opens in your browser. Every domain name is unique there is never two domains with same name.

How to choose and buy domain?

After getting some little information about what domain name is there may be another question in your mind. How to choose and buy domain name? To choose domain first you have to decide a unique name for your domain name. It should represent your business. You can choose any type of domain name but the more domain name is related to your business will be beneficial for you.

After choosing a unique and perfect domain name you have to go to any of hosting and domain provider website and register your domain. For example go to

and choose domain option from the top of website’s menu.

Now Search for the domain name you want to buy in the search engine of website. If it’s available then great go ahead and complete your purchasing. If it’s not available then you have to choose any other domain for your business.

You can keep your domain information private.

Yes you read it correct. Your information is visible on the web after you buy a domain. You can keep your information private after buying domain privacy.

You can check any domain information in a website Whois. Simply type the whois in the google and you can see all the details of any website if it is not private.

So finally you know some basic things about the domain. If you want to start your business online then you should have unique and amazing domain name. In next article I will discuss how to secure your domain with SSL Certificate. Till then have a nice day and amazing future ahead


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